Monday, 25 March 2013

Shedworking: A Guide to Making Your Shed your Office

There is a trend rising in popularity among freelancers, homeworkers and those who own their own business to make a purpose built shed for their office. There are seemingly a number of benefits to this - and as well as the clear sense of freedom it provides it can also be a great money, time and space saver.

The decision to build your office in a shed follows the same principles of many space saving, ergonomically designed Scandinavian properties. In fact, Scandinavia is where a lot of this philosophy comes from - and it reflects the aesthetic direction....cosy fires, wooden lodges, rugs, sofas and custom furniture is the norm in these offices. One of the major perks is that it can be completely yours, and completely personalized to your needs.

Last week was Anywhere Working week - and if getting out the traditional office and expanding to a more creative space sounds like your cup of tea, bespoke sheds might just be a solution. There are numerous benefits; being in a personalized space you enjoy is a key element of productivity and if you are working in the same space every day, it needs to be a well designed and enjoyable one. Designing your own sounds a perfect option to have fundamental control out of how you spend your day and how you achieve the tasks you need to do.

Office Shed
The Bunkie -
There are of course a number of considerations to be taken on board - namely logistical ones such as ease of access, location to facilities and how practical broadband and other connections can be obtained in the area you're hoping to work. However, some of designs on Shedworking and Cabin Porn are really quite inspirational and should be enough to overcome any challenges that comes your way!

Here at Cornish Secrets we are really keen on alternative stays, alternative ways of living and quirky and authentic Cornish cottages which subscribe to this philosophy. See what you think!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

3 Things You Must Do in Cornwall During Spring

It's often seen as a bit of a cliché - but Spring really is one of the best times to visit Cornwall. Although the weather may not look like it's co-operating at the moment - the fantastic climate in the South West alongside the warm atmosphere and coastal location means there's also things to do and stuff to make sure every day is an adventure in itself.


Gardens and Flowers

If you haven't visited the area in the Spring before - how about visiting some of the region's best gardens and areas of natural habitat? It's come of the best in the country, and camellia, rhododendron and magnolia are all out in force. Trebah, Tregothnan, Caerhays and Tresillian Gardens are all good places to start - four of the so called Great Gardens of Cornwall

Spring Walks

The variety of walks in Cornwall during the spring are far too numerous to mention here - however if they've all got one thing in common, it's that they are all coastal and all factor in the beach at some stage! The areas around Godrevy, Gwithian, Hayle's 3 Miles of Golden Sands and the St. Ives to St. Just coast-road are sure-fire winners. There are fantastic views, brilliant pubs and fantastic wildlife to make the most of as winter turns into spring. Some of these areas are also home to our beautiful authentic Cornish Cottages!

Try Some Seafood and The Local Cuisine

The sun is still fading fast and there's a chill in the air so you'll want something warming - however the promise of summer salads and beach bbq's are too much to resist. Spring is a great time for Cornish cuisine - seafood dishes are especially popular, fresh and often lower in price during this time of year than they are in the summer!

These are just three examples of literally thousands of different things to do to mark the passing of winter in Cornwall. If there is one reccommendation from us - get out there, soak up the sunshine when we have it, feed off the atmosphere and enjoy the signs of the season gearing up once again. Stay in beautiful Cornish cottages - and let yourself relax!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

5 Most Interesting Alternative Housing Designs

Living in an eco-friendly way, by sustainable means and in the most cost effective manner possible is something which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Spurred on by economic recession and people shying away from the ‘rat race’ and returning to the roots, alternative housing design looks to be here to stay. Cornish Secrets rather likes this idea – so here’s a collection of 5 of the most interesting housing designs to catch our eye recently.

Tree Houses
There is no shortage of log cabins built in trees for use in recreation and in the garden…but living in one is a completely different matter. Some of the highest are suspended over 100 feet in the air – and many are full scale houses in the truest sense.

Shipping Containers
Another favourite since the advent of these mass produced containers  - convert them into liveable spaces. Endlessly customisable, with clever design and some moving parts, these modest boxes become quite a useable space as a home.

Earth Berm’s
It’s not just New Zealand and you don’t have to have furry feet – many people have used Earth Berms to make the most of the natural warmth, insulation and protection the ground brings.

Free Spirit Spheres
Okay, so these sort of things are exactly housing as such, but these suspended balls would make fantastic, warm, cosy retreats in the countryside. A tree house for kids.

Escape Pod
Created from a geodesic dome structure affording wonderful views and feelings of spaciousness, Escape Podz are an amazingly unique and exciting approach to your accommodation needs.

What’s more, Cornish Secrets are proud to present their Escape Pod in St. Ives – providing an exclusive personal space to relax and enjoy the break taking North Cornish coastline.
To enquire about the escape pod and any other alternative stays we offer – visit our contact us page or give us a ring on 01736 798745

Welcome To The Secret Journal

The smell of spring is in the air and as the frost thaws, Cornish Secrets start their new blog!

We will be posting a variety of content on here - from exciting stuff we've discovered to news from our authentic Cornish cottages or alternative the season builds there will always be interesting content to share!

If you are thinking of booking one of our wonderful luxury Cornish cottages for a stay down this way this season, we'd be delighted to help. Do get in touch via the contact us page.