Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5 Cosiest Places in Cornwall This Winter

As readers of this blog will know, we are pretty big fans here in Cornwall of finding the alternative stay...the off the beaten track route or the cosy retreat no-one else knows about. In part it’s what makes this part of the world so special - here are 5 places in Cornwall that are always going to stay cosy no matter how much wind and rain is thrown at them.

The Engine Inn

The coast road between St Ives and Lands End is famed the world over for its beauty and sense of isolation. One of the most remote pubs along the route in the region is the Engine Inn...and you can be guaranteed of a cosy local atmosphere, a roaring fire and a few lazy dogs rain or shine. In fact, the pub is at its most special during the off months as the tranquility of the region comes in to focus. Well worth a visit. 

A Cottage in St Ives

We're lucky at Cornish Secrets to have a number of St Ives cottages available during the quieter seasons. Although common belief is that much of the region closes down for the winter, it is becoming increasingly common to come across a thriving local scene in St Ives and many of the amenities, bars, pubs and restaurants stay open. There's nothing quite like coming back home to a warm Cornish cottage after a day out.

A Winter Spa Treatment

Visiting a spa retreat in Cornwall is very much a winter thing. The warm pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis and spas are open all year round, and provide a fantastic respite from the cold and the effects of the great outdoors. Twinning a trip to Cornwall with a spa break is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many places such as.....

A Long Beach Walk (Followed by a Cuppa….) Although we've already mentioned this in a previous post, we genuinely do think that walking on the beach in winter, as long as you're wrapped up, is one of the cosiest things to do. Sitting wind burnt in the car afterwards with a flask of tea and an 'everything is alright in the world' grin is a feeling not to be missed.

A Fantastic Meal Whether it’s in a pub, a fancy restaurant or like most people, somewhere in the middle - going for a great meal in winter is both life affirming and as enjoyable as anything else you could do. As you know Cornwall has a wonderful reputation for excellent food and the majority of it now is locally sources...sometimes even fresh during the winter. Hats off to the fisherman!

Nathan Outlaw

...and if you're not convinced, how about this video from Visit Cornwall....

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