Thursday, 2 May 2013

Padstow’s Obby ‘Oss - and Four Other Cornish Festivals to Visit

With the start of the summer season and (hopefully) the beginning of the good weather – visitors to our beautiful county will want to get outside to experience the very best of what our culture has to offer.

‘Obby ‘Oss Festival
The start of May sees the ‘Obby ‘Oss festival – an occasion celebrated annually in Padstow on May Day to mark the start of summer. A may pole is decorated, and traditionally local families dress in red, white and blue depending on family origin…a folk song is sung and a dancing ritual through the streets performed. The festival draws many crowds every year and is a unique and authentic tradition local to Padstow.

Golowan & Mazey Day
This festival is famous throughout Cornwall, and takes place towards the end of June in Penzance. It is marked by a variety of entertainment – with the focus being on Mazey day and local parades from organised school and community groups. Golowan is the Cornish language word for ‘Midsummer’ and the festival dates back to the 19th Century.

Tom Bawcock’s Eve
Okay so this one takes place in December, but is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Legendary Mousehole resident Tom Bawcock is said to have lifted a famine in the village by going fishing on a stormy winter’s day…during the festival Stargazy pie is consumed and lanterns are paraded through the village to mark his tremendous efforts.

Lafrowda Festival
Lafrowda is the ancient Celtic name for the church that stands at the heart of the St. Just community in west Penwith. The first festival took place in 1996, and since then has gone from strength to strength promoting local arts, crafts, theatre and music.

St. Piran’s Day
The ultimate Cornish celebration – St. Piran’s day is the ‘national’ day of Cornwall and takes place on March 5th after one of the patron saints of Cornwall, Saint Piran. It started as a miner’s holiday, but it now a general excuse for a party – with music, theatre and processions in many towns up and down the country.

So there we have it, five Cornish festivals to visit in 2013. If you are thinking of travelling to Cornwall for the celebrations – why not contact Cornish Secrets today to book one of our Cornish Cottage holidays – and celebrate your short break in style!

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