Monday, 25 March 2013

Shedworking: A Guide to Making Your Shed your Office

There is a trend rising in popularity among freelancers, homeworkers and those who own their own business to make a purpose built shed for their office. There are seemingly a number of benefits to this - and as well as the clear sense of freedom it provides it can also be a great money, time and space saver.

The decision to build your office in a shed follows the same principles of many space saving, ergonomically designed Scandinavian properties. In fact, Scandinavia is where a lot of this philosophy comes from - and it reflects the aesthetic direction....cosy fires, wooden lodges, rugs, sofas and custom furniture is the norm in these offices. One of the major perks is that it can be completely yours, and completely personalized to your needs.

Last week was Anywhere Working week - and if getting out the traditional office and expanding to a more creative space sounds like your cup of tea, bespoke sheds might just be a solution. There are numerous benefits; being in a personalized space you enjoy is a key element of productivity and if you are working in the same space every day, it needs to be a well designed and enjoyable one. Designing your own sounds a perfect option to have fundamental control out of how you spend your day and how you achieve the tasks you need to do.

Office Shed
The Bunkie -
There are of course a number of considerations to be taken on board - namely logistical ones such as ease of access, location to facilities and how practical broadband and other connections can be obtained in the area you're hoping to work. However, some of designs on Shedworking and Cabin Porn are really quite inspirational and should be enough to overcome any challenges that comes your way!

Here at Cornish Secrets we are really keen on alternative stays, alternative ways of living and quirky and authentic Cornish cottages which subscribe to this philosophy. See what you think!


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