Sunday, 22 September 2013

5 Ways to Enjoy Autumn in Cornwall

So here we are - the end of what seems like a lovely Summer...many people have returned home, the days are getting shorter and the inevitable cold, long winter is looming ever closer. Never fear however - Cornwall is arguably at its most enigmatic and beautiful during the Autumn, and there is a plethora of things to get involved with that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible during the peak of the season. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the Autumn in Cornwall.

Long, Isolated Beach Walks

Long stretches of sand are perhaps best in Cornwall when the wind is blowing, the mist is looming and the place is as empty and remote as it comes. The sun is low in the sky and being wrapped up against the cost is perhaps the most enjoyable thing to do at this time of year….

Explore Cornwall’s Cafes

Cornwall has a thriving Cafe scene, and a lot of these are warm, comfortable and cosy affairs which are perfect for the Autumn.

Visit a Cornish Pub

Along the same lines, but this time with alcohol….Cornwall’s pubs are some of the best in the south west. Sit in a pub by the coast, in the dark, and relive stories of pirates, shipwrecks and hauntings.

Museums and Galleries

With less crowds, Autumn is perfect time to visit indoor spaces in Cornwall and sample what artistic endeavours the county has to offer. From the obvious Tate gallery to the more small time affair, many galleries in Cornwall now enjoy their most successful periods out of season.

Visit a Garden

Many gardens in Cornwall are great to visit in Autumn. They will stay open well into the season and still offer a wide variety of plants and trees in their prime. Expect Japanese Maples, Hazels, Ginger Lilies and other exotic varieties. Many gardens now also host events out of season such as plays, gigs and open-air cinema screenings.

There are now many more things open till late in the season or all year round in Cornwall - if you would like suggestions on what to do or need accommodation options for this time of year, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with our local knowledge!