Monday, 28 October 2013

Cornish Stew - Warming Winter Food in Cornwall

Cornish Food in Winter

Winter warming food is important in any culture, but when you live by the sea, live off the land and have to deal with ferocious storms and weather patterns in winter - the idea of well cooked, hearty fresh food is even more important. High in calories and protein, a lot of stews, casseroles and other Cornish stew based foods are rich and made for hard working and hard working local families.

Cornish Stew is essentially what you’d buy for pasties…

- Chuck Steak
- Swede
- Onion
- Potatoes
- Carrots
- White Pepper

Chuck it all in together - a bit of stock - and away you go. Check it after 40 minutes or so, but consider leaving it at least a couple of hours to really make a difference with the flavour.

As has been well broadcast, Cornwall is enjoying a bit of a culinary and cultural revolution when it comes to the types of food and drink people consume locally – not just those on holiday. 

Events like the Truro Christmas Market really showcase what Cornwall has to offer the country in terms of food and drink. It comes from the basis of a craft - Cornwall's food industry is burgeoning and grassroots - and is attracting a lot of attention.

Although earthy, fresh ingredients (like those in the aforementioned Cornish Stew) forms the basis of the food created here, it isn't always so utilitarian. The fishing industry in some areas has seen a resurgence - Nathan Outlaw has published this great Cornish pollack, squid and mussel stew on the BBC Good Food Website:

Cornish Stew

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5 Cosiest Places in Cornwall This Winter

As readers of this blog will know, we are pretty big fans here in Cornwall of finding the alternative stay...the off the beaten track route or the cosy retreat no-one else knows about. In part it’s what makes this part of the world so special - here are 5 places in Cornwall that are always going to stay cosy no matter how much wind and rain is thrown at them.

The Engine Inn

The coast road between St Ives and Lands End is famed the world over for its beauty and sense of isolation. One of the most remote pubs along the route in the region is the Engine Inn...and you can be guaranteed of a cosy local atmosphere, a roaring fire and a few lazy dogs rain or shine. In fact, the pub is at its most special during the off months as the tranquility of the region comes in to focus. Well worth a visit. 

A Cottage in St Ives

We're lucky at Cornish Secrets to have a number of St Ives cottages available during the quieter seasons. Although common belief is that much of the region closes down for the winter, it is becoming increasingly common to come across a thriving local scene in St Ives and many of the amenities, bars, pubs and restaurants stay open. There's nothing quite like coming back home to a warm Cornish cottage after a day out.

A Winter Spa Treatment

Visiting a spa retreat in Cornwall is very much a winter thing. The warm pools, hot tubs, jacuzzis and spas are open all year round, and provide a fantastic respite from the cold and the effects of the great outdoors. Twinning a trip to Cornwall with a spa break is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many places such as.....

A Long Beach Walk (Followed by a Cuppa….) Although we've already mentioned this in a previous post, we genuinely do think that walking on the beach in winter, as long as you're wrapped up, is one of the cosiest things to do. Sitting wind burnt in the car afterwards with a flask of tea and an 'everything is alright in the world' grin is a feeling not to be missed.

A Fantastic Meal Whether it’s in a pub, a fancy restaurant or like most people, somewhere in the middle - going for a great meal in winter is both life affirming and as enjoyable as anything else you could do. As you know Cornwall has a wonderful reputation for excellent food and the majority of it now is locally sources...sometimes even fresh during the winter. Hats off to the fisherman!

Nathan Outlaw

...and if you're not convinced, how about this video from Visit Cornwall....

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

10 Places in Cornwall You'd Rather be Now

There’s going to be hundreds of places we’ve missed out here - but let us know! Contact us on Twitter, Google + or Facebook and let us know where we need to include!

Godrevy Beach

This place at Sunset. That’s all

Godrevy Hayle Cornwall

The Watering Hole - Perranporth

The Watering Hole Perranporth Cornwall

The thought of a bar on the beach better than sitting in the office? Thought so


Pendeen Cornwall

Exploring the cobbled streets of St Ives

St Ives Cornwall

Mustard & Rye, Truro

Stylish Burgers a la Patty & Bun. Definitely worth a visit

Mustard & Rye

Taking a trip to the Isles of Scilly

Scillonian III

Surfing at Sennen

Surfing Sennen

Floating down the river from Truro to Falmouth

River Fal

Exploring the abundance of wilderness

Bodmin Moor

Strolling around one of the famous great gardens of Cornwall


Sunday, 22 September 2013

5 Ways to Enjoy Autumn in Cornwall

So here we are - the end of what seems like a lovely Summer...many people have returned home, the days are getting shorter and the inevitable cold, long winter is looming ever closer. Never fear however - Cornwall is arguably at its most enigmatic and beautiful during the Autumn, and there is a plethora of things to get involved with that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible during the peak of the season. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the Autumn in Cornwall.

Long, Isolated Beach Walks

Long stretches of sand are perhaps best in Cornwall when the wind is blowing, the mist is looming and the place is as empty and remote as it comes. The sun is low in the sky and being wrapped up against the cost is perhaps the most enjoyable thing to do at this time of year….

Explore Cornwall’s Cafes

Cornwall has a thriving Cafe scene, and a lot of these are warm, comfortable and cosy affairs which are perfect for the Autumn.

Visit a Cornish Pub

Along the same lines, but this time with alcohol….Cornwall’s pubs are some of the best in the south west. Sit in a pub by the coast, in the dark, and relive stories of pirates, shipwrecks and hauntings.

Museums and Galleries

With less crowds, Autumn is perfect time to visit indoor spaces in Cornwall and sample what artistic endeavours the county has to offer. From the obvious Tate gallery to the more small time affair, many galleries in Cornwall now enjoy their most successful periods out of season.

Visit a Garden

Many gardens in Cornwall are great to visit in Autumn. They will stay open well into the season and still offer a wide variety of plants and trees in their prime. Expect Japanese Maples, Hazels, Ginger Lilies and other exotic varieties. Many gardens now also host events out of season such as plays, gigs and open-air cinema screenings.

There are now many more things open till late in the season or all year round in Cornwall - if you would like suggestions on what to do or need accommodation options for this time of year, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with our local knowledge!