Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Parking in St. Ives - Tips On Arriving to Cornwall By Car

During the busy summer season in Cornwall, the amount of cars sometimes seems to outweigh people. In small, crowded, cobbled back-streets - the mix of drivers and pedestrians can be at worst deadly and at best infuriating. Here at Cornish Secrets we’ve put together a selection of tips to avoid getting into tricky spots when parking your car in St. Ives - a notorious trouble spot for parking and cars in general.

Cornish Secrets

Do Your Research

Car Parks in Cornish towns, especially places as popular as St. Ives, get very busy indeed. Before you plan a visit, it’ll pay to do your research to enable you to be able to drive straight to a car park. Cars meandering around town without knowing where they’re going can cause problems - so consider doing your homework and find out which car parks you’re likely to find a space in.  

Take Notice of Local Signs

If the signs are telling you a road narrows, they’re probably not lying. Sometimes, it’s best to take notice of signs before you get to the end of the road, and turning around or parking there might be pretty tricky.

Cornish Secrets

Buses and Other Traffic

When buses meet cars in St. Ives it causes one of the perennial traffic problems in the town. Buses at the station need plenty of space to turn around, so bear that in mind when parking nearby. Also, parking on street corners, pavements and in narrow spaces can also cause difficulties if large vehicles are trying to get past. If a bus is stuck, bear in mind that everything behind it is too!

Why Not Walk?

There are so many fantastic walking routes around St. Ives, and many of them pass by or at least very close to useful, and often very quiet, car parks. The coast road out to Zennor and St. Just has many parking points, as does towards Carbis Bay, Lelant and Hayle. All offer stunning coastal walks which are much more therapeutic than battling through traffic in town.

Public Transport?

Okay, so not an answer to all problems, but if you are only a visitor to St. Ives and not staying in a cottage or property, considering taking the beautiful
St. Ives branch line from St. Erth. One of the most beautiful train journey’s at the country, and the additional bonus is that you’ve been able to leave the car behind. There are many bus routes that lead into St. Ives, too.

Cornish Secrets

These are only a few suggestions - if you are planning a stay in St. Ives or the surrounding area it would be very wise to check the parking and transport arrangements with your accommodation provider.

If you would like more general information about parking in St. Ives, the council website is a good place to go, or contact Cornish Secrets - we would be very happy to help.


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