Monday, 28 October 2013

Cornish Stew - Warming Winter Food in Cornwall

Cornish Food in Winter

Winter warming food is important in any culture, but when you live by the sea, live off the land and have to deal with ferocious storms and weather patterns in winter - the idea of well cooked, hearty fresh food is even more important. High in calories and protein, a lot of stews, casseroles and other Cornish stew based foods are rich and made for hard working and hard working local families.

Cornish Stew is essentially what you’d buy for pasties…

- Chuck Steak
- Swede
- Onion
- Potatoes
- Carrots
- White Pepper

Chuck it all in together - a bit of stock - and away you go. Check it after 40 minutes or so, but consider leaving it at least a couple of hours to really make a difference with the flavour.

As has been well broadcast, Cornwall is enjoying a bit of a culinary and cultural revolution when it comes to the types of food and drink people consume locally – not just those on holiday. 

Events like the Truro Christmas Market really showcase what Cornwall has to offer the country in terms of food and drink. It comes from the basis of a craft - Cornwall's food industry is burgeoning and grassroots - and is attracting a lot of attention.

Although earthy, fresh ingredients (like those in the aforementioned Cornish Stew) forms the basis of the food created here, it isn't always so utilitarian. The fishing industry in some areas has seen a resurgence - Nathan Outlaw has published this great Cornish pollack, squid and mussel stew on the BBC Good Food Website:

Cornish Stew

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