Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Holidays in Cornwall - 5 Tips for Safer Surfing

With the weather warming up, the sun coming out and the tourist season beginning in earnest, Cornwall's most famous activity will once again be in the spotlight for locals and tourists alike. Many thousands of first time surfers will take to the water in 2013 - so here are five tips to bear in mind and to watch out for that could help you or someone you see this season.

Know Your Limits

It's often misunderstood - or misinterpreted - but it's important not to push yourself too far. Although much of surfing is being able to enjoy the challenge - ensure you don't do anything obviously and evidently beyond your capabilities.

Research the Sea

Knowing a little about what the sea looks like in certain conditions and how the ocean behaves can go a long way in determining where and how you surf. Look up the weather, study wind and surf patterns and be sure to understand when it's best to stay clear.

Be Aware of Your Surfboard

When moving fast surfboards carry a lot of momentum and can be dangerous if racing uncontrolled towards shore. They are also considerably lighter and more buoyant if left unattended. Keep the leash secured.

Features of the Landscape

It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but it is important to consider the landscape when out at sea. Hidden rocks, cliff edges and rock bottom breaks can all be dangerous but most crucially unexpected. Try to learn the landscape, get inside knowledge or study the area at low tide

Other Surfers and Ocean Etiquette

One of the biggest factors in surfing accidents - take care of those around you and watch out for other sea-goers...especially on big or popular breaks. There are established rules of surfing which can be dangerous if ignored...the outcomes are never pleasant and sometime life changing.

It's worth bearing in mind these points as you embark on a day out surfing from your Cornish cottage - safe in the knowledge that both you and those around you will be safer for it.

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